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Welcome to my Web site!!


And thanks for checking out my Webpage.

Well, here's the deal....

As my buddy says I "Traded trash, for Trash", and have 2 Halftracks to restore, well, the shape they are in I'll call the 1/4 tracks to restore. Hince the name of my webpage.....

These are in rough shape as shown, but I traded a 6' drag blade, and a 4' tiller that you use behind a tractor, and a 25 auto for both of these.

Good deal Huh..... I think......

This site will cover the restoration of of at least one of these.


One is a Autocar

Serial Number          M3-10181
Ordnance Number  M3-10181



The Other is a Diamond T

Serial Number   M3 6795W
Ordnance Number   23052


Converted to a M3A1

No one has been able tell me what the "W" means at the end of the serial number. So if you know, please email me with what the heck it means.



So if you are interested in WW2 history in general, tanks, armor, half tracks, a on going restoration, restorations in general, or just want to see an old man pull what little hair he has left trying to finish these half-tracks, check back often.


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